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First, We're Not Just An Appraisal Company

Since 1975, we've assisted companies like yours and clients like you. While appraisal "factories" offer the hasty evaluation and ACV, we take the time to actually research the value. Which means we'll stand behind our evaluation from the appraisal clause right to the Supreme Court, if we have to. In fact, our role becomes more important as the claim becomes more complex.

Second, We Know Cars Like Nobody's Business

You don't go to the family doctor when you need surgery. We're specialists, licensed adjusters...automobile aficionados. Which is vital when the claim involves exotics, collectibles, salvage cars, gray market cars or the invisible cars in un-recovered loss claims. These are situations where good information is vital and where information can only be as good as the questions you ask. So next time, let us ask them.

Finally, We're the Last Word In Evaluations

Appraisal Express has handled cases for virtually every insurance company in America, as well as for attorneys, financial institutions, government regulatory agencies and collectors. We're a trusted expert witness in court cases related to physical damage claims and value disputes. So for cars, trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment or motor homes, Appraisal Express is the key to a painless resolution.


When Appraisal Express started back in 1975, we already had years of automotive experience under our belts.

Since then, Appraisal Express has helped every major insurance company in the nation with difficult to determine evaluations.

Famous celebrities and Las Vegas casinos have come to us to appraise their cars. Not only are we licensed insurance adjusters and certified under California’s Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, but courts have appointed us to preside over disputes as a neutral arbitrator. Appraisal Express is the only physical damage appraisal company contracted to work for the State of California.

The company reflects the same deep commitment and appreciation for the automobile. We believe that every car, truck, RV and motorcycle is special.  Some, however, are more special than others. The exotics. The customs. The long gone total losses you can't see. Even that '72 Plymouth Duster whose owner calls it "Betty." These are the ones that can give you headaches.

And those giant automotive appraisal factories simply aren't set up to make those headaches go away.


We do. Every day. 

We carefully and thoroughly investigate damages and total losses to ensure the owner is compensated to the exact amount due.

That saves you money.

Even more important, it saves you time.

And the sooner you call us when one of these special cases pops up, the more time you'll save.

What We Do


While ordinary appraisal companies rely on mathematical formulas to spew out ACVs, we take a more personal approach.

Our field inspectors carefully analyze the vehicle in question and fill out a detailed condition survey.

However, while this is a thorough process it is by no means the final step.

Digital photography and electronic mail ensure quick turnaround time for all types of evaluations.


Motorcycle evaluations are very different from automobile evaluations - most  owners change or alter components. These modifications can begin with an exhaust system and extend to every single component on the motorcycle. Completing accurate evaluations on these modified vehicles requires an in depth knowledge of the specific components. Our analysis commonly includes summaries that break out these modifications to describe in detail their specific effect on value.


Maybe it’s the make, the model year or the exceptional physical condition, these gems are increasing in value rather than depreciating. Our close day-to-day contact with manufacturers, importers, clubs and other experts allows us to stay on top of current market values.


You are entitled to your opinion, your clients are entitled to theirs. We have the statistical data, meticulous research, and over twenty-five years of experience ascertaining the value of anything automotive to offer an evaluation that is precise and fair.


Vehicles involved in older claims can depreciate over time. This depreciation varies depending on the year, make and model. With our extensive experience, and in-house database, we are able to evaluate those losses that are months or even years old. Providing historical date of loss adjustments establishes accurate pre loss values to settle older claims.


Cars imported into the country through unauthorized means, which probably won't meet American safety and emission standards. These cars have significantly lower values than vehicles imported through normal channels. We’re the only appraisal company who investigates to determine federal compliance, thereby more accurately determining actual value.

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When there is a disagreement between the insured and the insurance company on the amount of the loss, both parties have the right to demand an appraisal by an appraiser of their choice. If the appraisers fail to agree, they submit their differences to a neutral umpire. We have the judgment and experience to represent you in this proven method to settle disputes. As effective and pragmatic negotiators, we are able to find common ground under the most contentious circumstances. Ordinary appraisers might not fully understand the ins and outs of Claim Resolution Arbitration, but we handle them routinely.



Since 1978, cases involved total loss valuations, diminution of value, class action and bad faith lawsuits as well as fair claims practices. Areas of Competence include:

  • Licensed Insurance Adjuster: CAL#2B19578

  • Certified - California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations. Familiar with most other states’ regulations.

  • Verifiable appraisal of current market value for insurance carriers, attorneys, financial institutions, government regulatory agencies and collectors.

  • Claims arbitration for disputed insurance claims

  • Court-appointed umpire. Officiate as neutral arbitrator/umpire 

  • Expert witness in court cases related to physical damage insurance claims matters

  • Over 300 court appearances


This rule of damages provides for the difference between the "before" and "after" value of property that has been damaged or taken. Due to their subjective nature, these types of evaluations depend greatly on the recognized expertise of the appraiser. 

We inspect the vehicle and write a repair estimate to correct all repairs not completed to industry standards (which in some states is considered diminution; in these cases, we recommend the vehicle be returned to the body shop to have these repairs corrected). In addition, we contact other experts to obtain opinions of diminished value based on the total cost of repairs, and where applicable, describe the repairs as completed to industry standards.

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A vehicle totaled in an accident and then repaired may look good, but be hazardous to drive. Typical appraisal companies settle for 50% of retail. We break it down further to figure out if the vehicle was repaired to industry standards.


We use the latest technology in determining the cost to repair to industry standards. We can separate years of wear from seconds of tear.


Heavy Truck, RV, Trailers, Equipment, Commercial, Etc.

We also evaluate — Restorations / Show Cars / Collections / Heavy Trucks and Equipment / Motor Homes / Recreational Vehicles / Personal Watercraft.

We are licensed insurance adjusters in the State of California, bonded and insured to handle most claim assignments.


Appraisal Express

P.O. Box 925

Torrance, CA 90508-0925

(800) 289-7220

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